Hi, my name is Felix and I am the founder of the Super Achiever Club.

As this page is still under construction and will soon represent our team, today I will tell you a little bit about my story, my WHY, the vision & mission of the project, and how it can help you. So let’s dive in!


Felix Hesse founder of Super Achiever Club

How the Foundation of Super Achiever Club Was Laid

My Health Journey

While luckily growing up in a pretty wealthy part of this world (eastern Germany) and maybe the most beautiful one. (smile) I was facing a lot of trouble with health-related and social issues early on.

After 4 surgeries (in 1 of them I nearly died of blood loss) I found myself with a pretty much destroyed immune system and overall weak body. Hell, I was not able to run 10s before getting a headache because I lost so much brain liquor.

Unfortunately I had to find out that it would be a very long road to restoring my health...

Since everything the doctors were suggesting failed I finally tried fitness, weightlifting, cardio, eating healthy, supplements and everything around that topic. I watched thousands of videos, read thousands of articles & studies, studied courses and tried most things on myself.

It took me about 15 years. The results came slowly. But I progressed as my knowledge stacked up until finally reaching a point where my health is off better than most guys my age.

And as you’ll see in a sec, even my mental strength & health benefitted from it…


The Achiever Shop

And so it happened that I felt confident enough to teach other people what I have learnt over the years and help them achieve similar results with their own health.
Part of this mission is this shop where you'll find a lot of high quality supplements that have helped me and other people on there journeys and sometimes even achieving peak health & fitness if that's your goal.

So it's all on you now. Thank you so much for supporting our community & strengthen your health with us!
- Felix Hesse (founder)